This kit is designed for smaller rentals and includes:

  • Plastic Bin w/ instructions for power outage
  • Bottled Waters
  • Gallon Water Jug (Plastic Water Container)
  • Solar Lantern/3 extra AA batteries
  • Hand Crank/Solar AM/FM radio and charger
  • Long Lasting Emergency Candle
  • Single Burner Camping w/sterno (safe for indoor use)
  • Camping coffee purcolator (use on BBQ or camping stove)
  • 1 Headlamp with 3 extra batteries
  • 6 Large compostable trash bags for bathroom usage
  • Bag of assorted food packets: oatmeal, protein bars, tuna packets, instant coffee, non-dairy creamers.
  • First Aid Kit



Small Power Outage Emergency Kit

  • This kit is for local Leavnworth/Plain rentals associalted with Finishing Touch Rental Management. The kit will be delivered to the local manager or rental. No shipping available.

  • No return or refund is accepted unless there is faulty equipment found in the box. If there is damage, we are happy to replace the item.