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Healing Retreats & Classes

for Teens Ages 14-17

Did you know that 100,000 adolescents and teens between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five,  will experience their first psychotic episode? Studies have also shown that of all lifetime cases of mental illness, 50% will occur before the age of seventeen. As a parent and educator this greatly concerns me.


I've created a program that I hope will help support student's mental and emotion health with a new program called LAUNCH!


Startling Statistics

Suicide is now the second largest cause of death in teens between the ages of 15 and 19. A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 2019 reported the following:

  • Cases of major depression among teens ages sixteen and seventeen rose by an overwhelming 69%.

  • Feelings of anxiety and hopelessness increased by 71% among people ages seventeen to twenty-five.

  • One out of five girls ages twelve to seventeen had experienced major depression within the last year.

  • Between 2008 and 2017, the suicide rate among teens ages eighteen to nineteen increased by 56%.

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Mother and Daughter in Farm

The Teen Crisis

Our teen population is suffering from busy schedules and the pressure to succeed in a very fast paced lifestyle. They are bombarded with social media platforms displaying status symbols and unattainable body images that only few can achieve. Our youth have underdeveloped coping skills which drive them to drink or participate in drug use. We are seeing relational difficulties, gender confusion, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. The list goes on. Although we live in an information and technological age where we can connect with people miles away, we've lost the ability to communicate and stay present with those in front of us.

Imagine the world we could create if we gave students a toolbox full of self-awareness strategies, and emotional intelligence skills that would empower them to create a future that they were excited to be apart of!

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Learn to use your breath to calm your nervous system and reset your energy.

Learn tools to strengthen your ability to feel negative emotions like anxiety, fear, hopelessness and helplessness.

Science now has revealed so much data for us about our mind and emotions.

Learn to communicate your needs, wants, emotions, and values in a way that brings people closer.

Learn tools to release feel good chemicals into the body and strategies to manage toxic thinking which alleviates stress and anxiety.

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Healing Retreats



There is no better way to attract a student's attention than a retreat with friends,  good food,  games and late night fun!


At the conclusion of each 12 week course, students will be encouraged to invite a friend to join our Launch Retreat hosted by a local home/rental in Plain or Leavenworth.

The retreat will focus on sharing the LAUNCH program, time for self-reflection, and quality time to connect with each other through fun local activities.



  • Share the information.

Share this site and our social media posts to spread the word of this program. LAUNCH FLIER, LAUNCH BROCHURE

  • Donate your rental for one of our LAUNCH retreats.

We will schedule retreats around your rental schedule and our cleaning staff will make sure the space is ready for your next guest at no charge.

  • Offer your services for a fun recreational activity. 

Come be apart of our retreat by adding your passion as our local activity for the weekend. Ideas could be but not limited to running, biking, hiking, skiing, yoga, paddle boarding, rock climbing, art, drama, music, games, baking, etc.

  • Sponsor a student for a retreat weekend.

Our goal is to keep our retreats affordable for local families.

  • Sponsor a student for the 12 week program.

Each student is required to contribute at least $50 toward the program to show that they are committed to their own healing and growth. I don't want any local student to not be able to join because of finances!


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